We are the ONLY official and proud distributor of Yamaha in Kosova.


Bösendorfer is an Austrian piano manufacturer, and since 2008, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha. Bösendorfer is unusual in that it produces 97- and 92-key models in addition to instruments with standard 88-key keyboards.


We are the one and only official distributor of Yamaha Instruments in Kosovo. Qualitative products, services and our dedication to excellence is our ultimate goal.


Steinberg GmbH is a German musical software and equipment company based in Hamburg. It mainly produces music recording, arranging and editing software as used in digital audio workstations and VSTi software synthesizers.

Best selling

The following up instruments are up-to this date the best selling instruments/equipment . These products have been available in stock for more than a decade now.

  • Affordable, reachable price by all of those in need.
  • Qualitative, being among the most searched.
  • Delivering exactly what purchased for.
  • Simple. Enjoyable. Desirable.

Our Products

We offer and deliver one of the best

pianos, brass and woodwind, guitars and drums and much more.

Yamaha audio & visual products: AV Receivers/Amplifiers, Home Theater Systems, HiFi Components, Speaker Systems, Desktop Audio, and more.

Music production tools: synthesizers, software, interfaces, recorders, mixers, speakers, and more.

  • Impression

    We always seize the chance at making a good first impression.

  • Melody

    Regardless if a musician or not, our products, they ‘ll catch your attention within seconds. Will at least make you look twice.

  • Care

    From the thousands of artist’s experience, we always pay attention the smallest details. Providing with ultimate care we get out the box effortless towards realizing the projected sound alongside with the projected instrument.

  • Delivery

    Promusic proudly delivers your heart’s desire within the three weeks of order. Making your dream come true has never been easier.

Yamaha Artist Endorsers

Visar Kuqi

Been a part of Yamaha instruments for such a long time but still each and every day to me is a new experience and special. One phrase to sum it all up : ” Heaven on earth”.

Visar KuqiMulti instrumentalist
Ilir Bajri

Yamaha has given me the opportunity to perform what I have exactly projected in my heart and mind with the accuracy that never fails to impress to this day.

Ilir BajriPianist
Agron Shujaku

Up to every single detail, simply, absolutely, amazing.

Agron ShujakuPiano Professor

Rare people really know this, but I played this concerto in a Yamaha piano therefore becoming such a huge success.

TomCartoon character